Joy Division mp3 review by Clarence Baxter: She’s Lost Control

I was in San Francisco last week where I had a line on the elusive Marantz PMS7000 blaster. Tooling around the city on the way to meet my contact, I noticed far too many beGapped women, buttoned up to the chin, head down, clip-clopping their way through the streets on their way to ponderous business meetings, staid afterwork drinks, and apartments that reeked of catfood and desire. These women needed to lose control…

I strapped on my trusty Panasonic RX-5350 with the custom amps and speakers, and selected Joy Division’s seminal She’s Lost Control, which I blasted on Steiner Street until ears were bleeding, wet panties were thrown in my general direction, and the police came calling. Ladies of the world, lose control! At least once a week… this song might help.

mp3 download: Joy Division: She’s Lost Control

Good Joy Division site: Eternal

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  1. Serpico:loose lips, sink ships
    word on the street is yours are so loose they feel off. Sleep with one eye open tonight

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