Kinski – Punching Goodbye Out Front

The members of Kinski relax after burying some dead bodies in the woods of northern Washington

Kinski’s new album, Down Below It’s Chaos, will be released August 21st. Here are some words from our bff’s at Sub Pop:

On August 21st, Sub Pop will release the new Kinski album Down Below It’s Chaos on CD and LP (and invisible digital format). If you pre-order the new record by release date, you’ll receive a limited-edition CD-R of a live score the band did in June of this year at the Seattle International Film Festival. Kinski played live accompaniment with the 1927 silent film, “Berlin, Symphony of a City” by Walter Ruttmann at the Triple Door here in Seattle. This CD-R contains a portion of the recordings from their two performances. It’s all live; no overdubs. (And the clinking you hear occasionally is people eating dinner!)

Punching Goodbye Out Front [mp3]

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