Latest International music from FatPlanet: Senegalese Hip Hop


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Senegal is shaping up to be home of african hip hop with some solid releases so far from positive black soul, daara j and pee froiss. there’s a site dedicated to senegalese hip hop called senerap. i’ve yet to have a full exploration, but it seems to be the perfect place to start our education. through the site, i discovered nomadic wax, a label who’ve just released a compilation entitled ‘african underground vol. 1: hip-hop senegal’ (available to buy online from november). They’ve also released an album from senegalese hip hop artist shiffai entitled ‘the chosen one’ which was produced by NY’s nomad. shiffai mixes english and his native wolof language, and there’s undoubtedly some patois thrown in for good measure. Any hip hop head will get their kicks from this great mix of traditional and contemporary – the sound of hip hop coming gloriously back to its roots.

Listen to Shiffai at the Nomadicwax website, which has audio streams.

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