Lily Cutler’s 2006: Hot or Not?


Best afro of ’06

1. TV on the Radio Ė Return to Cookie Mountain
Once again, TVOTR is un-pidgeon-hole-able

2. The Rapture – Pieces of the People We Love
I liked them before, I love them now.

3. Thom Yorke – The Eraser
Doesn’t make me think “awwÖgood for him going solo, but he should’ve
kept the band.”

4. Islands Ė Return to the Sea
Whimsical and prettified, but substantial, too

5. Beirut – The Gulag Orkestar
It’s like a much better version of the Borat soundtrack

6. Pablo – Half the Time
Unlike anything else.

7. Quantic Ė An Announcement to Answer
An extension of his expertise at weaving genres and squashing
everything you thought you knew about DJs.

8. Radio Citizen Ė Berlin Serengeti

Mellow, but with character. Perfect for impressing the girls you bring
back to your apartment after hitting the bars.

9. Skyzoo and 9th Wonder – Cloud 9, the 3 Day High
No, this isn’t a mistake. Stop hating on hip hop and try it on for size.

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By Lily Cutler

Lily Cutler recovered from her Connecticut upbringing and has since gone on to develop a variety of interests ranging from Howard Zinn to
afrobeat and mixed media painting. She was schooled in the art of carving deep powder at the University of Colorado, after which she
moved to Seattle for perpetual rain and drive-through espresso. Lily enjoys strike-anywhere matches, Ritz crackers, and the smell of ice
rinks. Her favorite movie is Welcome to the Dollhouse by Todd Solondz.