Mary Hansen, RIP

Mary Hansen of Stereolab, one of USOUNDS most beloved groups, had died tragically. A statement released to the media by the band reads:

“Mary, vocalist and guitar player with Stereolab since 1992, died in a cycling accident in London on December 9, 2002. The suddenness of her death has shocked the band. Mary was a special person. Our thoughts are with her family and friends who will miss her greatly.”

As will we…

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3 thoughts on “Mary Hansen, RIP

  1. This is really a shame. They were one of my favorite groups, I am just glad I got to see her in concert a few times (in the UK and in Washington, D.C.) She will be missed!!!!

  2. When the world lost Mary Hansen, it has been robbed of the opportunity to continue to be entranced by such a cosmic, all-encompassing, swallow you whole voice that everyone should be enriched by. Her beauty will be missed.

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