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Toronto Indie-Folkers Rock Plaza Central just signed to Yep Roc Records, and will release Are We Not Horses April 17th. Here’s a conversation we recently overhead:

Guy A:  Could these guys rip off Neutral Milk Hotel a littler harder? I mean, it may be physically impossible, but maybe they could try. Fuck, Jeff Magnum should sue these nerds.

Guy B:  Really? I’ve never heard of them.

Guy A:  Listen to Neutral Milk Hotel when you least feel like it, and you’ve heard them.

Check it for yourself:
My Children Be Joyful mp3
When we go, how we go, part II mp3

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2 thoughts on “mp3 of the Day – Rock Plaza Central

  1. you’ve never heard of them? Oh, well I guess the world better stop turning because you’ve never heard of them. dick

  2. Ha. The band is actually pretty good. You can’t blame a guy/gal for comparing them to a less steady and less interesting NMH though, can you? I mean, come on… (I secretly agree that it is snobbish. Welcome to the world of indie rock!)

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