mp3 of the Day – Samuel L Jackson Singin’ the Blues?

Get this motherfucking chain off my motherfucking legs!

Directer Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) is brewin’ up a drama/romance called Black Snake Moan starring Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci.  According to IMDB, Jackson plays a God-fearing bluesman who has the love for a wild young woman.  He looks everywhere for love but never quite finds it despite everything being way hotter down in the south and all.  Check out the trailer on MySpace.

The soundtrack includes bluesy songs by The Black Keys, RL Burnside and many by Samuel L. Jackson.  Here’s one now!

Stackolee mp3

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One thought on “mp3 of the Day – Samuel L Jackson Singin’ the Blues?

  1. Yeey, nice, thanks…although I’m desperately looking for mp3 of Black snake moan by Samuel L. Jackson. Hope to see it here asap!

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