Music News Highlights

The new R. Kells album, Double UP, got a 6.7 rating on Pitchfork.


The Fork also reports on Iggy Pop, Jeff Tweedy and Frank Black’s participation in Comedy Central’s new show Lil’ Bush.  Hopefully that show is better than the previews indicate…

Jarvis Cocker is not real huge on American Idol brought to you by Gigwise.

NME reports that Sufjan’s next piece of music will be about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Next exit: wtf.

Out today:  Architecture in HelsinkiHeart it Races (Includes covers by Dr. Dog and Hey Willpower!), ShellacExcellent Italian Greyhound, TiffanyJust Me

Why do I look like Cher now?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what Grizzly Bear’s “Knife” sounds like a cappella by the Carleton Singing Knights?


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2 thoughts on “Music News Highlights

  1. R Kelly. One word: Peetastic! I can’t wait for Trapped in the Closet, part II. It’s a cliffhanger being forced to waiit so long for it.

  2. Have you watched the video/movie for trapped in the closet? It’s probably one of the greatest and most horrible things of all time, ever. the best party video you could ever imagine.

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