Music News Highlights

Saddle Creek Records open a new club in Omaha, NE called “Slowdown”.  Underage girls all over the nation get fake ID’s hoping to run into/nail Connor Oberst.

Mash-up of the day:  Lil’ Flip vs The New Pornographers “My Chips Versus Yours” brought to you by The Hood Internet.  Also, who the f is Lil’ Flip?


Ted Leo added to Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festy

What would you say about Dave Matthews practically going dancing nancies over the band Xiu Xiu?  According to KRS, Dave says, “There’s something about it where you can’t put it down.  It’s like crazy person music, but it’s really slammin’ and really beautiful.”


Barsuk Records will be releasing the soundtrack to the motion picture Kurt Cobain About A Son on Sept 11, 2007.

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