New Band Feature — Stencil!

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Today’s USOUNDS new band features five-piece orchestral indie pop band, Stencil (Jared Fiechtner, Sean Anderson, Joseph Schultz, Brad Martin, and Glen Yoshioka). Jared dropped by the USOUNDS HQ to answer a few questions about the new album, Weekend at Bernie’s III, and barrel-chested actor Brian Dennehy.

USOUNDS: Your new album, the dead lie golden was recently released in February. Did you plan this release around National Hot Breakfast Month?

Jared: Well, we all really love a good hot breakfast. I mean how can you not like a nice warm meal directly after waking? Pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns, they’re all great. Hell, we went entire weeks without eating anything but Huevos Rancheros while mixing the album. And although I can’t honestly say we planned the release of the dead lie golden around the celebration of National Hot Breakfast Month, it has worked our rather nicely.

Marble mp3

How would you describe your band’s sound to a Martian?

I don’t know if I would describe our sound so much as run around screaming my head off saying “Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god, that’s a goddamn Martian!” Then if I ever calmed down I might say something like “We play orchestral indie pop music. We like strings and horns and vocal harmonies. Oh, and melody, we love melody.”

According to, the following is considered to be an advanced stencil. Do you agree with Hershey’s? Why or why not?


I don’t know. It doesn’t look that advanced to me. I think those people at Hershey’s are spending far too much time stuffing their fat faces with gross chocolate. (Not easily integrated into National Hot Breakfast Month you’ll notice. And no, chocolate chip pancakes don’t count. They’re gross.) I also can’t help but notice that the stencil looks quite a bit like the Hamburglar. I smell a lawsuit. A beefy, cheesy lawsuit.

What kind of tour will Stencil be planning? (regional, national, global, multi-solar system etc.)

We probably won’t be doing any real touring on this album, but we will be playing around Seattle and more of the surrounding northwest. (Portland, Olympia, Bellingham, etc….) We look forward to rocking new geographical locations in the future, but for now we’ll be in the area.

Would any member of your band whore themselves out for a clean/safe place to stay on the tour? Who would be the first to offer their goods?

Supposing we were on tour, I think anyone that wasn’t attached at the moment would be forced to “take one for the team.” Assuming they needed a boost in moral they might hear lines such as “I have half a bottle of 3 star vodka in the van, but don’t drink it all” or “my god, you’re such a whore! I can’t believe how big of a whore you are!”

Can you think of a good scenario for Weekend at Bernie’s III?

Ok, here we go. Voodoo Bernie is still dancing around from Weekend at Bernie’s 2, rocking out to Samba music as we cut to a Lomax family reunion. (Bernie’s family of course.) Well, they’re partying down when we realize the food has been poisoned. Everyone in the family then proceeds to drop dead at the instant that our protagonists Richard and Larry walk in the door. Once they realize what has occurred there is a moment of disbelief. Richard then wants to do the right thing and inform the authorities as quickly as possible, but Larry is determined to still try and have a weekend of fun, leisure, and women. An elaborate puppet system is later worked out to control over 20 dead bodies simultaneously.

If actor Brian Dennehy came to you in a dream, what kind of advice do you think he would give your band?


I would like to think that Brian Dennehy would be wise beyond words. He would just sit there and nod and then smile, and nod and then smile. Then somehow I would feel alright about everything I don’t feel alright about now.

What can the people of Seattle expect to see at your live show next month at the High Dive (Monday, April 23rd)?

They can expect to see a radical show (at a fair price) featuring not only us but Alpine Valley Mystery School, and Elder Mason. Also you can expect that if you challenge one of us to a drinking contest that person would probably accept. (Pre, or post show I’m afraid.) We hope to see you there!

Anything else?

Yes, our new album the dead lie golden is on sale now at and you would be wise to pick up a copy. (Brian Dennehy told me so.) Also, come visit us at and say hi. We’d like that!

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  1. I just picked up my copy of Stencil’s album from, and unsurprisingly, it rules. I live in NYC but I’ll be in the northwest around their April show, so I’ll totally see you guys there. Anyone else who is lucky enough to live near these talented gentlemen should be there too, and challenge them to a drinking contest. Thanks for the rad tunes, keep it up guys.

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