New Graham Coxon Album & Stream

Ex-Blur guitarist Graham Coxon will have a new album called Love Travels at Illegal Speeds November 11th on EMI UK/Parlophone. Produced by Stephen Street (who was responsible for Blur’s Parklife and Modern Life is Rubbish), Love Travels at Illegal Speeds, is Coxon’s fourth album in the US and his sixth solo effort overall. Check out the Coxtastic audio stream for Standing On My Own and look for a full album review on USOUNDS soon.

Track Listings
1. Standing On My Own Again
2. I Can’t Look At Your Skin
3. Don’t Let Your Man Know
4. Just A State Of Mind
5. You And I
6. Gimme Some Love
7. I Don’t Wanna Go Out
8. Don’t Believe Anything I Say
9. Tell It Like It Is
10. Flights To The Sea (Lovely Rain)
11. What’s He Got?
12. You Always Let Me Down
13. See A Better Day

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