New Internacional Download of the Week from Fat Planet: Spain’s NETTLE

FAT PLANET is the online home of a weekly radio show broadcast in Sydney, Australia on FBi 95.4. The site features legal mp3 downloads from artists featured on the show and a few more besides. The aim is to represent international music in its entirety – forget about traditional ideas of world music , FAT PLANET covers hip hop from Bazil, breakcore from Egypt, psych-rock from Japan, drum’n’bass from India and so on.

NETTLE gutted (mehmet irdel remix) [SPAIN]

NETTLE is, to all intents and purposes, tigerbeat recording artist DJ RUPTURE (also part of the project is graphic artist DD). whilst rupture’s releases usually stride top quality breakcore, nettle sees him on a different trip, taking in north african / middle eastern influences, beautifully exemplified by this mp3 remixed by mehmet irdel. it’s broken and disjointed, starting with a couple of minutes of hand claps and percussion, bringing a downbeat halfway through, before drifting off into some beautiful glitch at the end. much like egyptian-born mutamassik, if anyone degrades ‘world music’, play them this and watch their reaction.

Click Here to Download NETTLE

Here’s an example:

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