New Vines April 4th

Australian band The Vines met in high school while working at McDonald’s in the late 90’s. The McRib was still around back then, so a sweet time was had by all. The new Vines album, Vision Valley is set for release on April 4th, on Capitol Records. Toss some shrimp on the barbie, and listen to this sampler via their website:

Vision Valley Sampler

Track Listing:
1. Anysound
2. Nothins Comin
3. Dandy Daze
4. Vision Valley
5. Don’t Listen to the Radio
6. Gross Out
7. Take Me Back
8. Going Gone
9. Fuk Yeh
10. Futuretarded
11. Dope Train
12. Atmos
13. Spaceship

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