New Zero 7 Stream

Do you ever think that if you hear the song, “Breathe Me” by Sia one more time that you might shoot yourself in the face or take a bath face down? Thanks for nothing Six Feet Under! Well, Zero 7 has a new album called The Garden due out June 6th. Sia and our main man José González are featured on many of the tracks.

Put the semi-automatic down and stream “Throw It All Away” (Sia) on real or windows media.

Tracklist (breathe THIS mf’ers):
1. Futures (feat. José González)
2. Throw It All Away (feat. Sia Furler)
3. Seeing Things

4. The Pageant of the Bizarre (feat. Sia Furler)
5. You’re My Flame (feat. Sia Furler)
6. Left Behind (feat. José González)
7. Today (feat. José González)
8. This Fine Social Scene (feat. Sia Furler)
9. Your Place
10. If I Can’t Have You (feat. Sia Furler)
11. Crosses (feat. José González)
12. Waiting To Die (feat. Sia Furler)

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