Randy’s Vintage Dub Selection Reviewed by Dubtronic “Dubble Dub” Dubstarski

This dub collection features dub tracks like Dub Me Girl, It’s a Dubbing Lie, and I Need Some Dub. A lot of the dubby tracks are rarities and obscure dubs which dubbed out of dub a dub long time ago. Big dubs to Jamaican Recordings to dub out the dub super-dub style.

Essential dubness comes from dub producer pioneer Bunny Lee cutting dubbed-out dub versions of dubtastic classics. This mellow dub collection is dub, but not too dub for a night of dubs. Dub it up at your pad with this record and you will dub out even your dubbiest friends who think they dub dub.

Much respect to the dub nation. Me out.

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One thought on “Randy’s Vintage Dub Selection Reviewed by Dubtronic “Dubble Dub” Dubstarski


    Fort Lauderdale, FL. February 19, 2004 – With his new CD “White Magik,” Legendary Vanilla Fudge lead vocalist, songwriter, and keyboard artist Mark Stein has made his return to the music scene in style. The title of his new CD dates back to when Mark at age 13, sang doo-wop ballads on the street corners in his hometown, Bayonne, New Jersey, and taught the neighborhood black kids how to sing harmony. So impressed with him, they decided to call him “White Magik.”

    The new CD which will be released February 20, 2004, is a compilation of seven original compositions that include “Prime Time Soldier,” “Shame On Humanity,” “The American Dream,” and “Let’s Pray For Peace” which are already being played on Army Radio stations for the troops, along with two cuts on regular rotation in Australia. Also on the CD, the rhythm and blues standards “Stand By Me” (Ben E. King) and “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” (Otis Redding).

    Supported by an A-list of players including Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets) on bass, Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath/Rainbow) on drums, John McCurry (Billy Joel/Cindy Lauper) on guitar, and James Campagnola (Eric Clapton/Natalie Cole) on saxophone, Stein rips through seven new original songs and three exquisite cover songs.

    Also being released in tandem,Vanilla Fudge Live “The Real Deal” recorded in Chicago 1987 which Mark also produced. It is the only live album available that contains ALL the original members of the band. Both CD’s will be sold on Mark’s website: http://www.mark-stein.com.

    Read the review at: http://classicrock.about.com/b/a/051124.htm

    We hope you enjoy them.

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