Raveonettes Rock Cleveland

Text and photographs by Julz Finley

I had planned on seeing The Raveonettes up in Buffalo on 7th, but at the last minute I found out they were going to play the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame… so I got my act together in a hurry, and my beau and I hauled ass down to Cleveland. It’s a good thing we did, this was a fantastic show!

This was also a “special” show. It was in tribute to Buddy Holly, as part of an exhibit at the Hall of Fame, and I was very pleased to witness this. Before the Raveonettes hit the stage, Buddy Holly’s wife came out on stage and made it clear she was very gracious about the event! So this was a very unique opportunity. I had seen them before as an opening act, and I did like their music, but their stage presence was aloof & lackluster. This show proved otherwise.

The Raveonettes had just gotten in Cleveland shortly before the show began after a 19hr flight from Denmark. They were jetlagged and nervous, but this didn’t affect their performance. It was also announced before they started that they were the proud recipients of a Danish music award (Denmark’s version of the Grammies) for Best Artist!
Kudos to them!

They hit the stage around 9, and opened with their hit “Attack of the Ghost Riders”. Good choice to get the troops rallied… I was into it, whilst I was also clicking away. I came there to enjoy a good band, who have a good body of work so far… and that is what I got. They were very lively, and the music was tight. They seemed very thankful to be there, which made it all the more enjoyable. They also did a beautiful rendition of Buddy Holly’s “Everyday”… it was superb.

I can’t remember the set list but I know they ended with “Beat City” from the Whip It On! EP and they jammed it out with some heavy distortion… very reminiscent of The Jesus & Mary Chain. I dug it!

One thing I have to say about them is that they are a GORGEOUS band… especially that Sharin Foo. WOW, what a knockout! A 6ft tall hot blonde cocktail! She’s a very striking person whom I enjoyed photographing! What a flawless beauty (and a good bassist and vocalist to boot!) The boys in the group are adorable as well, and they were also very photogenic.

I recommend that if the Raveonettes come to your town, get up of your ass and go. They like to rock n roll with some sophistication!

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