Recommended Listening

Every once in a while, we call out to our USOUNDS writers and editors and find out what they’re listening too. Hopefully you’ll find something you want to try out…

Terrence, American Buddhist
“Campfire Headphase” by Boards of Canada. If you’re a fan already, this is going to just make you happier. If you’re not, I suggest you become acquainted with the Buddha nature and the buddha sack.

Ric Befara
Lately I’ve just been grooving in Arabic Oud music. Of special note is “Oud Taksim” by George Abyad. Just beautiful, man.

Shelly Petworth
The best album I’ve found this year has been “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”. OK, that may be a trite pick but it’s all I’ve got. The album really is good, if you don’t like it at first, give it time.

Hassan Jenkins
A good album is Ellen Allien’s Mix Album. Also Luomo’s Vocalcity. You can get them both for free from (sign up for a free trial, you get 50 free tracks).

Caved Arse
I’m still down with the Magic Numbers. New album out today! You can listen to it here. Also can’t forget OMD’s early stuff, if you don’t own their first 3 albums you are stupid.

Clarence Baxter
Best thing going right now is Nortec Collective: Tijuana Sessions Vol 2. I played this to some Malaysian dockworkers last week and it totally blew their minds.

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