Report from Miami: One Ninety – 21st Century Cultural Center

Mad Friday reggae parties along with tapas and cold beers is what One Ninety stands for. Tucked away in a refurbished house in Miami’s up and coming Design District, this bohemian hang out preaches intellectual evolution and honest self expression.

Humble but bold in comparison to Miami’s superficial image of upscale clubs and ultra private lounges, One Ninety relies on its casual Amsterdam coffee house look, soulful musical menu, simple food, and involved staff.

Contrary to the usual Miami snubbery, the people at One Ninety will take the time to know your name and even sit down for a backgammon game. From its setting in the once hip Design District of the 60’s and 70’s, this place is trying to find old school Miami roots and the good vibes of bygone era where soul and substance mattered more than glitz and glamour. The musical format tries to keep it fresh with different themes each night, including Thursday poetry readings. The next Kerouac in search of the Paradise City might appear at any moment as the crowd loses the shy vibe and warms to the format. If the ideas behind the concept take hold, expect One Ninety to bring the people together in the name of camaraderie, good music and the exchange of ideas.

This young establishment is still finding its identity as it looks to establish a sustainable, yet slightly different format from most clubs and bars in Miami. Only time, luck and the contribution of those who attend will tell if One Ninety will evolve into the transcendental or wither away. For those who want something different, here it is. If you are into simple surroundings and an environment that stimulates the mind and the soul, hit up One Ninety tonight.

Tony Soto-Iglesias covers the Miami and S. Florida area for USOUNDS. His alliance with Ric Befara goes back decades, when the two were involved in an ill-fated nightclub/hotel in Peru.

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