Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale Review

Nuts + Ale = A fine drinking experience

Until recently, I only took a slight interest in what I call artisan beers. My boyfriend is a former homebrewer of beer and a real fan of your more independent and smaller beers. To me, beer had always been a beverage that I drank with meals or quickly in order to get properly fucked to the curb. And while it tasted good, I was more interested in getting it down my gullet and into my tummy efficiently as opposed to pleasurably. That being said, I’ve had a change of heart! I now truly enjoy drinking beer for its taste and the atmosphere that I enjoy in its presence.

One such beer that I find exceptionally pleasing to my palate is Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale. The roasty aroma and full taste of Nut Brown is lighter than you’d expect and perfect for this wintry weather we’ve been having. It’s a walnut-colored ale from the north of England with a strong hazelnut flavor. If you like beers in the vein of Newcastle Brown Ale then Nut Brown is straight up your alley.

While in England a few years ago I discovered the joy of experiencing English brown ales on tap in every single bar and eating establishment that we stumbled upon. While I’m not a huge fan of the country in general, especially their heavy and greasy food, I certainly am a fan of the English ale.

Nut Brown is extremely easy drinking and a perfect accompaniment to a burger, a hearty stew, Chinese food or a spicy curry. It’s infused with fig, maple and floral essences and leaves a thick head when poured. The bitterness on the tongue only accentuates its aloof nutty taste. A perfect brew for a few hands of poker with some friends.

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