Slow Runner Live in Seattle

All-ages shows kick ass. All-ages shows that start promptly at 5:00pm kick normal all-ages shows asses on an exponential level. Just kidding. My friend Ranch Hands and I were prepared for this inane start time so we left work early and walked to the concert venue they call El Corizon. (Because that’s what it’s called.) El Corizon is the kind of bar/club that will foolishly separate the booze and the stage with a solid wall when there are gonna be chillen around. So obviously we did shots at every bar on the way over there.

Sure enough, the show started promptly at 5:40pm. Slow Runner sounded great despite the early start time fucking with my head’s biological show clock. Lead singer Michael Flynn is engaging, fun, and has a Ben Foldsish thing going on. He also has a voice that apparently makes the young ladies freak the fuck out.

We were surrounded by maybe a hundred teenagers and Ranch Hands pointed out that most of them were making out in a heterosexual sort of way. Everywhere you looked there were kids making out. Here is a list of songs that drew in the most make-out sessions (In order of most to least make-outs):

You’re In Luck
The Sea is Never Full
Eveything is Exactly What it Seems
Honorable mention: A cover of Bjork’s Hyper-Ballad; some people were totally going at it during this song. It was more about quality than quantity here.

Clearly in the picture below you can see the couple on the left going in for the kill. Slow Runner and spring fever can be a very amorous combination for some.

Ranch Hands and I were baffled. We decided to watch the closing song, “Break Your Mama’s Back” from the video screen in the bar since the booze was starting to wear off. Sounded great, and you could still see teenagers going for it in the background. Hopefully no one got pregnant later during the headlining band’s set.

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