Stimulators Review by Chaz Bartok

The Stimulators are a pop group looking to hit it big with a mix of stompin’ electro tunes, a full-throated female vocalist, and some punky guitar licks. When I got the CD I was immediately struck by the lead singer– she looks a lot like a chick I used to date back when I was living in Denmark for a year. If you know me, then you know she’s fuckin’ hott. So the Stims have that going for them.

Overall though, this record was pretty mediocre. It didn’t rock hard enough for me, and it wasn’t poppy enough for my lady friends to enjoy while we partied in the ‘am on the way to the local bar to get blistered. But there is a foundation here which can be built on, cuz like I says, the singer is hot and she’s not afraid to dress up in electrical tape and shit like that, which is a big plus. What I would like to hear from these guys is some harder shit, some bigger bass, and some nastier lyrics Maybe about getting down with long-haired dudes with big wangs who drive Trans Ams at 100 miles an hour, manes flopping in the wind and built-in-bong’s a-bubblin’. So I will keep an eye out for the next Stimulators record, just in case…

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