The Pinker Tones Video Review by Lance Rockaway


When I joined USOUNDS in 1999, the world was awash with le internacional sounds. I’ll never forget the first day I arrived at the old office in Seattle, that gleaming marble lobby playing Fantastic Plastic Machine, the vintage lime green Citroen DS that served as the room’s only furniture, and the gorgeous receptionist who I eventually married (we divorced a few months later after I found out about her dalliances with Befara). Good times. No, great times.

In any case, the global underground pop movement has been pretty dull of late, but here come The Pinker Tones, straight out of Catalunya, to set things right. The proper mix of musical styles married with great beats and that global pop sensibility make these guys heroes of the moment for lovers of Le Internacional… Check out this video if you don’t believe me, and get ready to party like it’s 2001 all over again.

Sonido Total Video (Windows Media)

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