17 thoughts on “The Postal Service mp3

  1. hey, this is a cool site. i have no idea what it is, but i stumbled across it lookin for “the postal service” downloads. you’ve got some kickin bands here. keep up the good work…or something. i’ve discovered irving thanks to you. well…lata.

  2. i have lately been introduced to the postal service by my friend George. I was listening to the cd and i didn’t stop dancing. The awsome blend of upbeats and lyrics, not to mention the singers voices … butta— Thanks for the amazing tunes. Never stop – peace and a helmet

  3. the postal service are awesome!!! they can make the whole day worth while by just one note! music needed a new group like the postal service!!
    great lyrics,ans amazing beats!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. This is awesome. I haven’t heard anything that has impressed me this much in a long time. Good, unique sound and great lyrics. I am on my way now to buy the album. I could listen all day…

  5. I absolutely love Death Cab for Cutie… and The Postal Service is great too! Check out Nothing Better, my favorite song.

  6. hey,
    i loving the site. i too stumbbled across it when looking 4 postal service downloads, ….keep the music comming please;]

  7. i think the postal service was long awaited from coming from such a electronica band before (deathcab for cutie)…they are just so fucking awesome…and its the kind of band you can get little kids around the neighborhood into..and even the old folks

  8. I just started listening to them a couple of days ago. I left my CD at home today. I am in withdrawal. This is how good their music is.

    It makes me really happy, for some reason. :p

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