The Walkmen Album News and North American Tour Dates

The Walkmen are inexplicably not playing in Los Angeles on their North American tour. Clearly a mistake was made somewhere, some clueless manager (the type who proclaims Boston “not a big College town”) or label apparatchik bungled the entire schedule and this is the sad result. Or, could it be that Hamilton Leithauser is scared of coming face-to-face with the toughest interviewer in his career? We’ll probably never know.

In other Walkmen news, Leithauser had this to say about the new album, due May 23 “”We’re all very proud of this. I think it runs about 42 minutes, and its much more solid than the last record. There are no dips, so it is very different in that regard. We’ve always been pretty heavy, and this seems a little lighter. I mean, it still sounds like the same band. But it has a lot less organ involved.”

Walkmen Tourdates are here

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