Trespassers William Having by Corrine Sinkler

For all the times you were too sad to cry and too tired to feel hurt anymore, the new Trespassers William release, Having tucks you in for that much needed nap. The melancholy crooning of lead singer Anna-Lynne Williams sweetly echoes from the distance, and then pulls you in for a closer listen. This record swells with emotional discomfort, but at the same time is also light, lean, and gracefully epic. Having reeks of taste.

Having has its place in everyone’s modern play list. The album compliments acts like Elysian Fields, Red House Painters, and Sia. In fact, many of the songs could put their dukes up to the Sia, “Breath Me” single. Any indie filmmaker in LA would be wise to take advantage of this music; there is a definite soundtrack quality here. Reminds me of the Magnolia soundtrack on a reverb trip.

Anyone can find themselves in this cloud of sound and tender wanting. But watch out! This music is not to be used by the faint of heart. You’ve got to be in the “life is pain, life is beautiful, hurts so good,” mode of thinking. The first track, “Safe, Sound” is incredibly gorgeous. But there is still something unsettling about this track indicating the rest of the album could be a slow ride down the heartbreak highway.

There is a very Canadian vibe to the pauses Anna-Lynne Williams uses. But it doesn’t grind you like Alanis. Trespassers William is ‘adult contemporary’ that doesn’t make you feel old or lame. The disturbing distortion in the song, “I don’t Mind” is all the comfort you need there.

Rockin’? Yes. But it beats softly for the whole CD. Meaning, it lends well to the children of the groove, with many down-tempo, trip-hop beats. It’s a slow groove that could rock you gently to sleep. The irony is, I’ll be damned if you could fall asleep because Williams’ lyrics hit a place a little too close to home.

Have you ever totally blown it and fallen for someone hard, without protecting your heart? It stings badly when it goes away. You can tell this music is fully aware of that. It takes the sting and smears it. Like the gentle sting of crying yourself to sleep. But don’t get me wrong. Having is a very smart and well rounded CD, so you won’t feel like offing yourself when you listen to it. It was mixed by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mogwai, Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse, Low) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Interpol, Brian Eno, Bob Dylan) and if you need help understanding what that’s all about, let me help you. That means AWSOME. You can play this record start to finish.

If you are looking for more trip-hoppy chick music, you may be disappointed. However, understand the beauty and richness that the brush stroked drums and clean acoustic guitar bring to the sound. It tugs on a folk appeal that wrestles with dark wailing guitar.

The album, Having is a “boo-hoo” from under the covers. You can create a great mood with this CD and feel super sorry for yourself. The haze that Trespassers William creates is warm and moist enough to fog up a mirror. It just sounds good on the ears. It’s clean. So check it out, play it beginning to end. Space out, close your eyes, and let the music tell you how it is.

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