UK-Only Annuals EP

Photo by Meaghan Montagano

The Annuals’ new UK EP Big Zeus will be released January 29th in the UK only.  The imaginary US version will be called You Can Suck It Big Time since there really won’t be one.  The EP will include the previously unreleased “Misty Coy” and “Ease My Mind” which was released as the B-side to the Brother 7″ and can be streamed on MySpace.  Also, tour dates with The Dears on Ace Fu.

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2 thoughts on “UK-Only Annuals EP

  1. Hi … on the topic of Ace Fu releases… does anyone know anything about the band Boy/Girl? I saw them with Man Man in New Jersey a year ago and heard they were signed to Ace Fu but have not heard much since? Looking for tracks online but can’t seem to find anything?

  2. Yeah, there’s definitely not much online for Boy/Girl. Maybe try writing to Ace Fu ( or Man Man ( for more info? If anything, it’s a great excuse to contact Man Man…

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