Joy Division Live Video

Ah, the wonders of YouTube. Finally we can watch the grainy videos we never knew existed! Here’s Joy Division doing Transmission on a television show back in the olden times of the early 80s. Radio live transmission!

Sonic Youth Release Rarities Collection/Giveaway Alert


The Destroyed Room: B-sides and Rarities, a band-chosen collection of Sonic Youth songs, will be released on Geffen Records December 12th. The album contains tracks previously available only on vinyl, limited-release compilations, b-sides and international singles. The first person to email usounds AT gmail DOT com with “Sonic Youth” in the subject line wins a copy of this CD and a full-sized poster of Lou Diamond Philips.
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Pleasure Forever Reviewed by Terrence, American Buddhist

I have told you many times that life is suffering. I have told you that the pleasures of cannabis sativa have no interest for a Buddhist monk such as myself, even if the fragrant odors of a Swiss white widow tingles the inside of my nose and sets me adrift on a sea of tranquility. I have told you many times that an American Buddhist has no need to “blaze the pipe” or take repeated bong hits from a smooth, glass 4-footer, even if it is full with “fluffy nodge”. I have told you that suffering lies in desire, and when I have no desire, I do not suffer.
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Smokey and Miho Mp3s

Greetings, friends and peaceful associates from around the globe. From my N. California mountain retreat the view has been of gloom and fog, war and conflict. However in the Zen-like words of Keats:

“Beauty is truth and truth beauty.” That is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
– John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

It is in that spirit that I present mp3s from Smokey and Miho, new-wave masters of samba, beauty and truth. In times of lies, deception, and lack of pleasing and soothing buds, take refuge in sounds that transport you to another world. To download the mp3s, click into the main site, and then click on “recordings”.