Photo by Pieter Van Hattem Seattle, WA Neumo’s April 29, 2007 “This show doesn’t count!” said Dick Valentine. “We’re in-between albums right now, so this one’s unofficial.” I leaned against the railing of the balcony at Neumo’s cheering with every bit of Tuesday night enthusiasm I could muster as the band took stage. The six […]

Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA February 15th 2007 “The band requested that there weren’t chairs I guess?” I overheard a man in a flannel shirt say. “That’s shitty, I’m tired.” The woman with him, I presume was his date, had her arms crossed and was looking around the room for a chair. The only seats available […]

The Trucks have gained one very skeptical fan in this writer. I can’t stand it when music is directed at a specific audience. I hated every single, critically acclaimed Sleater-Kinney album because I felt so completely alienated by their lyrics, their fan base, and often their message. I would go as far as to say […]