Borat Soundtrack [Atlantic]


Rating: 5 stars 

At start, I did not know what make of crazy type musics called
“Stereophonic Musical Listenings that Have Been Origin in Moving Film,
‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation
of Kazakhstan'”. So, I listen for about three week with no pants, and
now I like much better. Every time I make for dancing. It number-one
favorite musics of all time…nice.

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Pablo Half the Time [Curb Appeal]

Rating: 8.75

Take all the sentiments you associate with your most heartbreaking love affair: the drama, the beauty, the joy of innocence and the revelation that comes with abandonment—but leave out all the parts that hurt. What you have left is Half the Time, the new Curb Appeal release from New York based Pablo (Paul Schalda with his brother Will, wife Maggie, and the Strandberg brothers.) Rustic and hearty as beef stew, Half the Time is also ethereal and feather-light; it walks the thin line between grace and rough emotion while strumming the crap out of my heartstrings. And there’s that something that happens when people who love each other sing together, something the French call a certain…”I don’t know what.”

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Benjy Ferree Leaving the Nest [Domino]


You know how “Yellow Submarine” kind of makes you want to sing along and is simultaneously the most annoying song ever? Yeah. “In the Countryside” is like that, so it’s not necessarily the best way to kick off a disc that’s only ten tracks long—and the second track, an unbefitting empty nod to hard rock, isn’t the best way to follow it up. Leaving the Nest, the first “full length” from Benjy Ferree on Domino Records, is charming at times and grindingly stupid at others. It was originally released as a six-track EP and later re-released after the label requested four more songs. I experienced the sensation of being in a cartoon one moment, driving on a winding country road the next, and gallivanting with Robin Hood and his merry men the moment after that…or maybe I have Robin Hood on the brain due to the cover art. Either way, Robin Hood fits in somewhere.
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