Top Ten Albums of the Year by Terrence, American Buddhist

Buddha Machine FM3

Greetings, friends and associates from across the globe. It is with great pleasure that I present this list of the top albums I used to mediate and attempt to shed desire with this year. As usual, your gifts of sweet and sticky buds and hashes has made this year one to remember, or not remember, depending on how high I was at the time and at what hour the Satori descended upon my soul.

Actually, instead of writing out all ten albums, I wanted to let you know about the one which really blew my mind in the most incredible way.
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Boards of Canada Campfire Headphase Review by Terrance, American Buddhist

Campfire Headphase

Greetings friends, associates, and well-wishers from around the globe! It is I, Terrance, American Buddhist, back with another musical review for your mind’s pleasure.

As I have told you many times, life is suffering, and thus I do not need to take refuge in the soothing tasts and smells of THC-packed, purple haired nodules of fine cannabis buds– except of course those given to me as a gift, or grown for me in the fields near my retreat in the foothills.

The other day a Zen koan I am quite fond of quite literally “came to life,” which was both enlightening and disconcerting.
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Terrence, American Buddhist Reviews Nice System From Radio Khartoum

It has been a long year for me, friends. I last wrote to you in the halcyon days of 2001, from the monastery were I spent 6 of the best of years of my life in quiet meditation. My days were spent in peace and tranquility as I wandered the grounds, contemplating the nature of the universe, the principals of Zen, and the fine, purple hairs and gooey crystal resin of the world’s finest marijuana buds.

However all of that has come to an end…
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