Top Ten Albums of the Year by Terrence, American Buddhist

Buddha Machine FM3

Greetings, friends and associates from across the globe. It is with great pleasure that I present this list of the top albums I used to mediate and attempt to shed desire with this year. As usual, your gifts of sweet and sticky buds and hashes has made this year one to remember, or not remember, depending on how high I was at the time and at what hour the Satori descended upon my soul.

Actually, instead of writing out all ten albums, I wanted to let you know about the one which really blew my mind in the most incredible way.

When I first received The Buddha Machine from FM3 in my mailbox, I thought perhaps there was some kind of mistake, or that perhaps I had spent too much time out in the fields meditating the day before. Instead of a CD or even a vinyl album or tape, the record is encased in a red plastic box with a number of switches on it. Pressing different switches brings new musical soundscapes of ambient frequencies and tones which seem to match up with nature. The music is pleasing and intriguing, and one can change it at any time by flipping the switch or adjusting a toggle. Best of all, this device is easily concealable inside my saffron robes, so I may have a constant soundtrack with me wherever I go, much to the confusion of people at the local post office, for example.

Buddha Machine FM3

The Buddha Machine from FM3 is perhaps the best album of the century thus far, and I look forward to many years of listening to this captivating and strange device. I am hopeful that FM3 will release a second Buddha Machine soon, because the loops on this one, while far from getting old for me, seem to annoy some of the other monks in the monastery who claim it’s driving them slowly insane. I have suggested they ‘cool their minds’ and offered one of my pipes concealed deep within my robes, but they just shake their heads. Oh well, not everyone can be as enlightened as the musicians behind 2006’s top album.

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