Boddicker mp3s


Isaac Brock and Pinback love Caleb Boddicker. Kind of like a man loves a woman, but more serious. Here are a couple new tracks from his upcomming album Big Lionhearted and the Gallant Man set to be released October 2, 2007 on Banter Records and produced by Brian Deck.

Mississippi [mp3]
When I Go Out [mp3]

The Good Life – Heartbroke

The Good Life celebrate being from the same city as Mannheim Steamroller

The Good Life are back! The band’s fourth full-length Help Wanted Nights will be released September 11, 2007. The Good Life is led by Cursive’s Tim Casher but sounds almost nothing like Cursive. Check out the heartbreaking song “You’re Not You” from 2004’s Album of the Year on The Good Life MySpace page while you’re at it. Tour dates are also listed.

Heartbroke [mp3]

David Dondero mp3s

David D feels kind of down after dumping a few dead bodies in Greenfield Lake

Wilmington, NC man David Dondero is not your average singer/songwriter. He has a magi-like gift for intertwining great storytelling with super catchy melodies that are not bo-ring. The following songs make me think Mark Oliver Everett (E) or Will Sheff. New album, Simple Love is out today on Team Love.

Rothko Chapel [mp3]
When the Heart Breaks Deep [mp3]