Gnarls Barkley Picture of the Day

Danger and Cee Lo contemplate dumping some dead bodies in the river after taking some ‘ludes

Gnarls Barkley will be playing at the Grammys on February 11th.  Gbark are up for record of the year along with three other awards including the highly coveted record of the century for this solar system*.

*includes the four rocky bodies near the sun (inner planets) but not the small icy bodies known as the Kuiper belt because seriously, f those guys.

Werid Al vs. Gnarls Myspace Friend Update: 
Gnarls:  317,914
Weird Al:  398,653

Super Colossal Built to Spill Contest

Our new BFF at Cornerstone Promotion has an amazing promo-only Built to Spill CD that will not be sold in stores called, Built To Spill – Time Trap (1994-2006). The CD itself is a compilation of select songs from all of their albums, from 1994 all the way to their new album, You In Reverse, which will be released on April 11, 2006.

Send USOUNDS a picture of yourself and Doug Martsch and/or Built to Spill chillin’ out together. If you don’t have one, (or maybe it has been misplaced?) use the miracle that is Photoshop. The two best pictures will win a copy of Built To Spill – Time Trap. Please send all entries to

RIP Grandaddy

Grandaddy’s frontman Jason Lytle has confirmed that the band has called it quits after 14 year of solid rocking. A farewell album called, Just Like the Fambly Cat is due out later this year on V2 records. Peace out Grandaddy, Todzilla, and Jed the Humanoid.

Gogol Bordello Live Pictures from Famed Rock Photog Julz Finley

Last week I caught Gogol Bordello live here in Cleveland. All I got to say is that it has been a long time since I’ve seen anything that fucking cool! They are in a league of their own, and Eugene Hütz is a GOD! I’ve seen some great shit in my day (Nick Cave, Diamanda Galás, Gavin Friday, The Who, Jane Birkin, etc) but Gogol Bordello is definitely up on the top of the totem pole with the aforementioned acts.
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The Bloody Hollies, Live in Pictures

By Julez Finley

The Bloody Hollies hail from Buffalo, NY, and lucky for them, I hear they are globetrotting around the world (and are probably goddamn happy about it, since I know what it’s like living in Buffalo… I’ll just leave it at that). The band consists of: Wesley Doyle (lead vox, guitar, occasional harmonica, little and cute); Phillip Freedenberg (bass guitar, and crazy stage antics); Joey Horgen (guitar, backing vox, and curly hair); and Matthew Bennett (drummer, blond and wily).
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