The Bloody Hollies, Live in Pictures

By Julez Finley

The Bloody Hollies hail from Buffalo, NY, and lucky for them, I hear they are globetrotting around the world (and are probably goddamn happy about it, since I know what it’s like living in Buffalo… I’ll just leave it at that). The band consists of: Wesley Doyle (lead vox, guitar, occasional harmonica, little and cute); Phillip Freedenberg (bass guitar, and crazy stage antics); Joey Horgen (guitar, backing vox, and curly hair); and Matthew Bennett (drummer, blond and wily).

Horgen and Bennett apparently are new members of the group according to their website… and I guess the band is now based out of San Diego (a nice change from Buffahole). Also according to their website, their song “Downtown Revolver” will be used by Orange County Choppers for their “Full Throttle” cologne commercial. Right on guys!

Anyhow, I caught them live here in Cleveland and they rocked hard! They appear to look like innocent schoolboys in the white shirt/black tie & trousers uniform.

Their take on rock is no-nonsense… it gets straight to the point musically and lyrically. Wesley (the front man) is a little guy with a big guy rock star showmanship (and he bears a resemblance to the actor Gabriel Byrne). The amount of sheer rock n roll fury coming out of the little guy is impressive.

Phillip (the bassist) is a big guy who seems light on his feet. He’s the hyperactive one in the band… he likes to jump, dance, and fall around all over the place, which is pretty cool since you rarely see a bassist that’s not statuesque (with the exception of Flea). He reminded me of my younger hyperactive rock star brother… the shaggy hair, and the spastic movements. The 2 new guys were very concentrated and focused. The band as a whole, are very tight, but know how to cut loose as well. Their schoolboy image will make a lasting visual impression in mind, and I am sure many others.

They are still on tour… catch them live if you can!

Bloody Hollies official site:

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