ElectroClash Tour and Mp3s

There will be a second Electroclash tour, hitting most of the major cities in North America. Peaches and Chicks on Speed are the headliners, with a whole shitload of other artists on board as well. Epitonic has the dates and mp3s from some of the performers.

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6 thoughts on “ElectroClash Tour and Mp3s

  1. Hi this is Houston Bernard, Im an electro performer. I live in Brooklyn, NYC where it all began. I have some new Music I have been working on, its really hot, pushing the envelope, If u want to get a copy of it let me know, thanx Houston Bernard

  2. Hello My names Nick, I recently saw you (Houston Bernard) perform in San Diego at Richs’ on June the 5th I believe it was….I love your type of music..racy,yummy,raunchy…WHERE can I get a copy of your music? I would do ANYTHING to get it! I love you I love you I love you..LOL…No but really I liked how you played alot..me and my 5 friends were visting from New Mexico and thought you were the shit..Elektroclash all the way baby!

  3. Oi: This cat is of his prototype boogaloo pornodelic rocket ship! Aye. Ill. 5000 even.

    Great sounds, fresh Rap, dirtydelic.

    -Peace in the middle tease.

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