Fischerspooner Video

Fischerspooner, along with The Music and The Vines have posted new videos on, which proclaims them “the next”. The next what, they don’t say, but it probably has something to do with the next marketing hype that goes nowhere. Still, if there’s one thing Fischerspooner know how to do it’s unintentionally-intentional funny videos. Self-Self-Parody at its finest.

Fischerspooner Video

USOUNDS Readers: Please review the video in the comments section below– the best mini-review will win rare Fischerspooner memorabilia from Capitol Records…

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5 thoughts on “Fischerspooner Video

  1. This video has the gravitas of a jack in the box, the originality of a 6th grade prom, and the sickly feeling one gets after masturbating while drunk. 5 stars out of a possible 5.

    Do I win?

  2. An excellent introduction to the role of technology in the military, and the role of the military in creating or emulating social structures. Historians of technology, economic historians, military historians, will find this video interesting and stimulating. Roland’s concluding bibliographic essay–“Technology and War”–can assist those who wish to pursue this field more deeply. Casey Spooner and his colleagues have succeeded in producing a very useful, if flawed, video. First class.

  3. I was at the Vancouver show that is feautured at the Next site. Seeing it on video is surreal in that you can hear more of the vocals. In concert, you can’t pick up on a lot of what the dancers and Casey were saying. Although, maybe the visual spectacle distracted me from actually listening to everyone. Seeing them live is a bit overwhelming. You end up feeling abused because Casey just won’t stop yelling at you. Anytime I hear Emerge now, I automatically sing extremely loud and clear. The show was (and IS in the video) hypnotic, to say the least. The only song that the video could do no justice was Horizon. That is one song performance that needs to be seen live to be fully appreciated. The dancers were brilliant during the show, so it was nice to see so much of their work on video. If only the entire concert had been put up… I don’t know if I should be rating the concert or the video. Concert gets full marks. The video clips- Horizon could have been better, and Invisible should have been there. Either way, good quality. Thanks Realplayer!

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