Interview with PINE*AM

PINE*am is one of Japan’s most exciting and sexy electronic groups. Ever since I heard their pulsing sound come through the speakers of my Citroen, I have been looking forward to interviewing these lovely ladies.

However other ladies in my life were making that close to impossible. I needed refuge, I needed peace, I needed the sweet oblivion of sunshine, alcohol, and music. I hate to say good bye, so I told Ines and Charmaine that I was going to hit the slopes one last time and instead boarded a helicopter of a friend to Laussaune, where Theo had my beautiful bird ready to jet off to sunny Caribbean climes, where I could conduct myself and my interview in peace…

Touching down I awoke refreshed and dressed in all in white. My orange Citroen Mehari was on the tarmac waiting for me along with Winston, my local friend and confidant. All smiles, he offered to drive me to the villa but I declined so I could drive myself. I drove through the island’s small town, waving at shopkeepers I knew and at children I didn’t. The Island sun filled me with warmth and I lit a Silk Cut and took a swig from my silver flask of Cruzan as I headed for the sea.

On the beach later in the day I had my secretary connect me with Osaka, home of PINE*am. The sea lapped contentedly at the shore and I sipped something delicious Winston had whipped up. The man is a genius, but I digress. The phone rang on and I was sharing air with my new favorites…

PINE*am in concert

Phillippe Coullette, IV: Welcome, it is really a pleasure and an honor to speak with you, the ladies of PINE*am. How did you get your name?

PINE*am: Fortunetelling and feeling. God helped us…!

PCIV: Interesting. To me God is just another name for pleasure and good works, feeling good and making others feel the same way. I also think God is what brings creativity to people… but that’s not all. What groups or sounds influenced you?

PINE*am: All three of us has got different taste in music, so we affect each other more than anything else.

PCIV: Excuse me for a second while a roll another joint. In the meantime, I can’t help but remark that in the group are three very sexy girls, and you have a sexy sound that has driven me crazy with desire, longing, and isolation. Do you have many male admirers?

PINE*am: Yes, we do…! But no one ever said that to us!!

PCIV: I apologize for being forthright, but it’s my nature. I’ve been exposed to some of the world’s most enchanting women and I have to say that your sound has hypnotized my heart. Tell me, Do you have husbands/boyfriends?

PINE*am: We’re not married.

PCIV: You sly foxes. You are edging me closer and closer to Osaka with every word, even though I myself do wear a ring. But it hasn’t stopped me in the past… No children yet though, even though I love to watch them dance. Why do they love to dance, so?

PINE*am: Instinct?

PCIV: So you think that music is inside all of us. I agree completely. But I often wonder what puts the music inside of us. In Japan the spirit world is important and has an effect on our world. Have you ever seen a spirit or a ghost?

PINE*am: We’ve never seen them, though we believe in sprits and ghosts…

PCIV: I’m not sure if I believe in them, although I’ve seen them! However that was after 72 hours of bacchanal across the planet in 1998. Friends showed me pictures of myself with people I had never met in places I’ve never been. I was the spirit on that occasion… What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are down?

PINE*am: Talking with friends, listen to the music and work on the music!

PCIV: What if the electricity went out, forever? What instruments would you play?

PINE*am: As a band?..uhh….sing and dance…? we’ll practice a-cappella!

PCIV: I would like to see that someday. Will you come to the United States soon and entertain us?

PINE*am: We would love to play in U.S. if there is any chance! Give us the chance, please!!

PCIV: I will have my people call your people at their earliest possible convenience. Perhaps I can even come pick you up in my jet! Anyway it has been smashing talking with you but Winston is coming by with another delicious concoction and I’m about to pass out… Thank you so much!

PINE*am: Thank you.

More information about Pine*am on their website:

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  1. Thank you for this interview! I don’t understandulate all of it, but it’s good. I love PINE AM!!

  2. I am looking for PINE*am music, but I don’t know where to buy any! Does anyone know of shops that carry their sounds?

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