mp3s from Baxendale, My Morning Jacket, Cessna, and More

Through the years the usounds staff has worked many hours of back-breaking, soul-crushing labor in order to bring you the finest mp3s that are available nowhere else. Using the magic of our new publishing system, we are able to present them to you all in once place. Music from 800 Cherries, Baxendale, Cinnamon, Cessna, My Morning Jacket, Lali Puna, and many more.


Replicant, is the newest, hottest Japanese pop group. Click here for review and mp3.

My Morning Jacket, Lali Puna, and hollAnd, all from the Darla Records 100 compilation. Great mp3s, don’t miss them.

Jazzy, stylish mp3s from 800 Cherries and Cinnamon via the Bossanova collection Soirée Cocktail.

Do you like pop? I mean, do you really like pop? Then you’ll absolutely adore the gorgeous melodies of internacional pop stars the Cherry Orchard, and our 2 free mp3s from their new album.

Cessna makes the kind of gorgeous melodies and jazz inflected guitar leads that melt even the hardest internacional heart, as well as up-tempo instrumental jams to make you forget lost love forever (or at least for 3 minutes). USOUNDS and Radio Khartoum present two mp3s from their latest release. Fans of Belle and Sebastian, Cinnamon, and beyond will love them both…

North Of America‘s first full-length album is nothing short of perfect indie rock pastiche. Click Here

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