The Walkmen Mp3s

I can remember back as far as ’95 on good days, and I remember one DC summer that year, cruising in my ‘am on Wisconsin Avenue, blasting Jonathan Fire*Eater to attract all the honeys that patrolled the streets on Sundays. Well that band is long gone but from the ashes come the Walkmen, and let me tell you tonight I have a couple of cigars, some Steel Reserve, and a night of sensational ‘am crusin planned with their album blasting the custom hi-fi. Damn if that ain’t a fine American evening. For all you internet losers, here are some mp3s from The Walkmen official site.

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3 thoughts on “The Walkmen Mp3s

  1. you guys seem to love the walkmen. Personally I think they are alright, good rock and roll but nothing too groundbreaking. Would like to see em live tho.

  2. i had seen the walkmen on conan, but wouldnt really count myself as a fan.But i liked what i heard and then i found out that they were playing in hollywood, so i checked them out. they are an awesome live band and im proud to call myself a fan now!

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