MSTRKRFT The Looks [Last Gang Records]


Rating: 8.0

A well-endowed disco ball. An orange leather dentist’s chair. Plenty of lip gloss. A non-stop avalanche of strawberry milkshake. Several well-cleavaged business suited babes. No, this is not a weekend at Britney’s, this is the video that sets the stage for the duo that is MSTRKRFT.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, MSTRKRFT is former Death From Above artist Jesse Keeler and his spinning mate, Al-P. Their recently released first album, The Looks, offers a glance inside the minds of these two electronica artists. Featuring only eight tracks, the album has success with the title track and “Street Justice” while droning on a bit with “Neon Knights” and “She’s Good For Business”. Despite the low points, The Looks is a great album for lovers of dance, trance and pop electronica.

With today’s easy access to downloads, music lovers are always looking for something a little extra before laying out precious funds on physical product. The artwork and intricate die cuts on the sleeve of The Looks will please those wanting an investment that will increase with time.

Now, back to the video. I won’t ruin it for you, but if well-dressed models seductively sipping milkshakes through full, wet lips before they climb into a dentist chair and receive a strawberry milkshake facial while a disco ball slowly spins overhead is what you are looking for, then I suggest a little research into MSTRKRFT.

– Simon King


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