Music News Highlights

Rolling Stone interview clip with Britt Daniel and Jim Eno:

Rolling Stone: What’s the most rock star thing you’ve ever done?

Britt Daniel: Ten years ago in Salt Lake City I jumped offstage and knocked somebody on his ass during a song. I was wondering why he was at the show because he kept giving me the middle finger. It was a pretty small show and there weren’t a lot of people there, and I was like, “Hey, nuh-uh,” and he just kept doing it song after song. Finally he did it again and off we went.

Jim Eno: Britt jumped offstage, hit him, and then the crowd attacked the guy and dragged him out. And the rhythm section kept playing. The Bowie clothing line hits stores on Oct. 15 and will be available exclusively at Target. Wait…what?

David Bowie/Target Men’s Look #1

Tiny Mix Tapes:
The Forbes richest musicians list includes Bon Jovi. $67 in the shade. The Libertines working on a “Best of” album that should blow everyone away with their 2-album catalog.

MSNBC: Marilyn Manson serves up his own brand of absinthe (Mansinthe) and great hair.


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