New Music From Vice Records!

The Black Lips recently played a Tijuana show with Mariachi band and this Zonkey.

Black Lips Not A Problem mp3 I think all you really need to know about the Black Lips comes first-hand from Christen via Vice true concert stories, “Before the show was over, dicks were out, make out sessions were happening on and off stage and I was christened in beer and in love with the Black Lips.”

Ed Bangers I Am Somebody mp3 Vice will be releasing a bunch o’ Bangers digitally on January 16th.  Think Parisian dance-punk movement out of Paris.

The Boredoms have been making Japanese noise music since 1987. Here’s a link to their online sampler that includes the songs:  Super Frake 09, Pitch At Bunch On Itch, AND Hard Trance Away.

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