News Highlights

RJD2 Q & A:† Ask RJD2 anything you want on the XL website.† We asked him which of his collaborators takes the hugest d’s.

Merge Records reports today that Superchunk is back with a brand new 7″ single recorded for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters! The B-side is a version of “Misfits and Mistakes” sung by Meatwad.†(This is actually not a joke.)

News sites such as,, and dozens of others are freaking out because of the†usage of bagpipes†on the†White Stripes’†upcoming album, Icky Thump (due out mid-June).† It’s just an air supply and a bag, dudes.

New albums out today:† The FallReformation Post (US release, already out in the UK), Grant Lee PhilipsStrangelet and Laura VeirsSaltbreakers.

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