News Highlights

Tiny Mixed Tapes posted an enlightening article about the upcoming album, Guilty by Association where Superchunk covers Spice Girls, Luna covers Paula Abdul, etc.  (Scoll down to the disturbing Jim O’Rourke album artwork.  Uh…don’t worry, you’ll know it when you get there.)

Most of Muse is violently ill due to food poisoning after a gig in Virginia.  Virginia ham or an unlucky trip to The Claude Moor Colonial Farm?  Actually, we’ll never know because the NME article doesn’t cover this.

The Adventures of Big House and Cell Mate:  Pitchfork reported yesterday that CocoRosie have been arrested, resulting in the cancellation of the band’s remaining US and Canadian tour dates.

Coco ???

New today: The Sea and CakeEverybody, Bjork Volta, ClienteleGod Save the Clientele


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