Peter Murphy Live! Photography by Julz Finley

I had seen Peter Murphy 10 years ago, and I was drunk. I met him afterwards and muttered the words “Whoah Peter Fucking Murphy… You’re fucking HOT!” Like he really needed to hear some sloppy drunk giving him kudos, but he was kind and gracious and took it as a compliment.

Fast forward 10 years later… Mr. Murphy is on tour, and I got the opportunity to see him perform live again. This time, I was sober and “camera-ready”.

Peter is touring in support of his new album “Unshattered”… and he is still the same lovely showman he was 10 years ago (and probably just as good as his modest Bauhaus beginnings). The only major difference from the last time I had seen him, his hair is platinum and he had some facial hair.

Still the breathtaking entertainer and his voice is stronger than ever. Needless to say I had a great time, and I decided to experiment with my camera relying heavily on stage light. I got very nostalgic at this show since I haven’t listened to his music in quite some time, and he pulled out some classics like “Deep Ocean, Vast Sea”, “The Line Between the Devil’s Teeth”, and “The Sweetest Drop” … as well as performing my favorite song from “Cascade”, and that being “I’ll Fall on your Knife”.

All in all, this was a nice intimate evening with a small diehard crowd and the enthusiasm there was notable and Peter fed off of that.

He closed the show with a fantastic encore set consisting of: “Strange Kind of Love”, “Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem” and of course “Cuts you Up”.

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