Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin mp3 reviewed by Terrence, American Buddhist

Waking up this morning I was in a fog, a haze from which no amount of chanting and meditation could seem to bring me out of. The last few days were like grains of sand in my eye, as I blinked them out and tried to see.

Reaching into the folds of my voluminous orange robe, I came across a onehitter packed with luxurious orange-haired nodules direct from Geneva. It has been sent to me by a gorgeous young swiss girl (a fan, of course) whose name I had forgotten. Life is suffering, as I have told you many times now. But to that girl I wanted to dedicate this song, because I love her. It’s the ultimate classic slice of 60’/70’s Gallic pop, served up by the magical Mr. Gainsbourg and his beautiful wife, Jane Birkin…

J’Taime mp3

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