Shrie Bradford’s Top 10


If you give a raccoon a block of sugar, it will take the block of sugar to the nearest source of water and wash it until it completely dissolves.

(in no particular order)

The Knife Ė Silent Shout
This album has a delicious dark frenzied feel to it that just grabs me. I picture aliens, dark railroad crossings, arson and gleaming sweaty bodies.

Junior Boys Ė So This is Goodbye

This is just a kickiní electronic album. Itís low key enough to listen to while simply hanging out, and catchy enough to drive and sing along to. I highly enjoy In The Morning.

Malajube Ė Trompe líoeil

Majesty, appealing popiness, and a sonic fuzz permeate this album. It feels mashed together, sung at the top of oneís lungs and delicately arranged all at once. Itís brooding and manic; an excellent debut.

Fujiya and Miyagi Ė Transparent Things
Ankle Injuries hooked me on my first listen. I wake up with this album in my head, and catch myself mindlessly humming it throughout the day. Fujiya and Miyagi have crafted a solid and extremely addicting offering.

Spank Rock Ė Yoyoyoyoyo
Underground hip hop and dirty rap mesh together in this rousing, glitchy, grimy club album. On Bump, Amanda Blank kicks it up a notch with a sick rap sure to make any girl proud.

Peter Bjorn and John Ė Writerís Block
Writerís Block has traces of 60ís baroque pop and quirky new wave but itís distinctly indie rock. And really damn good indie rock at that. Who knew that three boys from Sweden could sound so confident and earnestly American?

Grizzly Bear Ė Yellow House
Grizzly Bear always captivates me. I feel like Iím floating in this hazy and surreal world while my heart is breaking. By the end of this album I feel content, and amazed at how beautifully layered and carefully pieced together it is.

Ghostface Killah Ė Fishscale
Fishscale is gritty, bumpiní and chock full of lyrical genius. Bu thatís typical of Ghostface Killah. He broke the rules with Wu-Tang and has continued to put out great solo records for years. In his late 30ís, Killah sounds better than he ever has. This album takes no prisoners.

Black Angels Ė Passover
Not only are they from my home state of Texas, but they sound like a raw 13th Floor Elevators meets the Brian Jonestown Massacre in a dark cave in hell. Itís delightful.

Tapes ĎN Tapes Ė The Loon
When I listen to this album, I am constantly reminded of how much it sounds like The Talking Heads, and occasionally the Pixies. The sound is very familiar, yet miraculously retains its originality. The Loon is solid, brash and enigmatic – exactly how I like my men.

Other excellent albums worthy of attention:
Beach House Ė Beach House
Beirut Ė The Gulag Orkestar
Woven Hand – Mosaic
Sparklehorse Ė Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain
El Perro Del Mar Ė El Perro Del Mar
Annuals Ė Be He Me
Herbert – Scale

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By Shrie Bradford

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe, and I had nothing to do with that. I did, however: grow up in the east Texas countryside on a farm, proceed to move away to Dallas and obtain a degree in Journalism and controlled substances, graduate and flee to Washington with my burly man of a boyfriend and cute red dog to explore the great unknown (while working in graphics at a commercial sign shop and going to every show I can get my pocketbook around).