The Liars Live in Pictures by Julz Finley

Once again, I’ve made my way to Cleveland’s very own “Beachland Ballroom” for another show. I like this venue because they book intriguing shows, and the Pabst flows like water! Anyhow, to make a long story short, I caught The Liars and Young People. To make a short story longer, here it goes . . .

Young People were on first, and their set was short. I’d hate to be an asshole, but thank god! Either Young People just aren’t my thing, were having a bad night, or are just not good performers. I will be nice and say “they aren’t my thing”.

On the other hand, The Liars were awesome. I’ve read a lot of recent criticism in regards to their recent shows, but I have no complaints. I have heard their new album “They were Wrong so We Drowned”, and I do like the first one better… I preferred the more beat driven direction of their first.

In any event, The Liars aren’t lacking bears in their live show. Their new drummer (Julian Gross) is a competent drummer, but a total incompetent when it comes to dressing himself! He was wearing a spandex USA Flag patterned sports bra with some kind of mini skirt that barely covered his junk! It was quite a hilarious sight!

Angus Andrew is giraffe height, I swear! In certain angles and light he can appear to look like fellow Aussie Nick Cave (but on Cave’s worst day!) Angus is a great front man, and puts on a fantastic display for his audience.

Aaron Hemphill was the lone star member who primarily concentrated on the wall of noise/music pumping through the PA. He kind of reminded me of Scott Baio circa “Zapped” (minus the dorkiness, and bad acting).

To sum this up briefly, The Liars were great… the Young People… weren’t so great.

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