The Pattern mp3 review by Chaz Bartok

It was a sunny day so you know I had the T-top busted wide open. Glorious sunlight dappled my ‘am’s built in bong as I took a mighty puff and exhaled. Fuck yeah, life was good and I didn’t care who knew it.

Assholes want to judge me, call me a loser, a freak, an acne-scarred acid casualty with faded jeans and a faded mind, long hair flapping in the wind and War Pigs blasting to the high heavens and the depths of hell. But assholes smell shit wherever they go. Freedom lovers like my self are fucking bullet-proof as we cruise the streets in our ‘ams, music creating a soundtrack cushion from shit-kicker reality. So go a head, punk, talk down to me. I don’t care. I’ll be gettin’ high and gettin’ laid while you’re at home watching Small Wonder.

So on to the music. Lately I’ve been listening to The Pattern, some dudes who know how to rock and don’t puss out with synthesizers or other unnecessary crap. These guys know that when you’re cruisin’ your ‘am you don’t have time for formalities, what you need is 3 minutes of fuckin’ rock music, fuzzed out, cranky and catchy. You can sing along to this mp3 and you won’t sound like some sort of Scottish pansy or German ecstasy whore. This track, called She’s a Libra, rocks, cocks, and doesn’t have time to fuck around. Great axework from The Pattern’s axe man, and a catchy bridge and chorus which will fill your ride with garage-rock excitement.

Download it now: She’s a Libra

Many more mp3s available at The Pattern‘s website.

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3 thoughts on “The Pattern mp3 review by Chaz Bartok

  1. eh this shit is alright man, not too shabby. Kind of Vinesy but Americanized. Good lookin out

  2. yo chaz you rule man. I hope your ‘am is supercharged because I want to race you! Punk!

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