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Ever since the internet writers unionized earlier this year, it’s been required for a music magazine to hire an indie dork, replete with glasses, “ideas”, and heinous snobbery. Ours is named Piers Reginald and this is his first review for usounds — ED.

Wolf Parade s/t
Grade: 989/100

I’ve officially changed my official list of the best music of 2004, Wolf Parade’s album is now at the top. Couldn’t get Wolf Parade’s 6 song EP until 2005, and didn’t have time to write something until now. But there are certain records which just have a magic to them– you can’t single out one song but are blown away by a ton of specific moments where musicians just bonded perfectly and created a live jam of perfect madness.

I don’t know anything about Wolf Parade except that they’re from BC but live in Montreal and the members have been in various other bands that I had heard of, listened to, or heard mentioned in loud bars where people drop indie band names like they were simultaneously rock gods and close friends and compatriots.

Wolf Parade have a lot of elements that people will like, including a wild singer, haunting and inventive keyboards, smashing drums, clean basslines, a talent for finding the groove when it’s necessary but not obvious, and catchy choruses. For me, the absolute best thing about them is the guitarist, who plays his fucking heart out and is always making each song more interesting. His guitar work is both clean and utterly raw and full of emotion.

Wolf Parade’s singer is also a powerful force. He has a way of making every song his own, in a variety of poses, changes, wails, moans, whatever it takes. This dude is a force and I have heard he is good live too.

One thing I don’t do when I write amazing reviews such as this is make comparisons to other bands. That’s so played out and retarded, everyone does that just to show off what obscure music they listen to and how selective they think their taste is. There’s no way I’m going to be able to describe how great this album is, so you’re best off just buying it and listening to it yourself. This album leaves everything else in its dust because it’s raw, it’s alive and it‘s brilliant; It’s like Odis Redding meets Television meets Black Flag meets Frog Eyes meets Six Finger Satellite meets the Walkmen. FUCK! I said I wasn’t going to mention other bands. Anyway there it is, but it really isn’t anything like that. Just track it down and get it, because if you like your music live, electric and raw, this is the album for you.

Hadje works the keys and laptop

Wolf Parade have signed to Sub Pop. A lot of people have this weird thing against Sub Pop for reasons that seem obtuse but are actually quite transparent. Those people are basically just retarded idiots, morons, buffoons– take your pick. Sub Pop may have had its ups and downs, but in the past year alone (not to mention their entire existence) they’ve put out some outstanding records. The other knock against Wolf Parade is that the dude from Modest Mouse produced them. That is bad because the dude from Modest Mouse has been on MTV. In the indie world, if you have been on MTV or on certain radio stations, you are bad. I never really got into Modest Mouse but I think they‘ve got great talent and are a fun band for a lot of people– not be but so what? In any case, that has nothing to do with whether or not Wolf Parade are great. They are great because they have found a spark between different musical ideas and then drenched it with gasoline and high-proof alcohol before setting it ablaze.

Wolf Parade are currently playing a bunch of shows in Canadia with Arcade Fire, so we should be getting some more reports of their live show. People seem to love Arcade Fire, I think they’re nice but Wolf Parade is more my style. They’re also coming to NYC to play Pianos, if I’m out there I’ll go for sure.

Wolf Parade Tour Info

2005-04-23 Theater Corona Montreal Quebec *Arcade Fire
2005-04-24 Theater Corona Montreal Quebec *Arcade Fire
2005-04-25 Theater Corona Montreal Quebec *Arcade Fire
2005-04-26 Music Hall Theatre Toronto ON *Arcade Fire
2005-04-27 Music Hall Theatre Toronto ON *Arcade Fire
2005-04-28 Music Hall Theatre Toronto ON *Arcade Fire
2005-06-04 Pianos New York NY
2005-06-11 The Comfort Zone Toronto *ONT

1. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
2. We Built Another World
3. Grounds for Divorce
4. It’s a Curse
5. The National People’s Scare
6. Killing Armies

Ordering Info
Cheap Thrills of Montreal does mail-order and they have limited quantities. Go to: www.cheapthrills.ca

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